Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Phone Conversations with Small Children in the House

Alternately titled, children have some kind of mom-is-on-the-phone, so-i-must-need-everything-now radar.

Ring, ring.

Hello, this is Lauren. No, this isn't a bad time.

"Mom! MOM! Momma! Mom! Momma! MOMMA! Moooooom! Moooooommmmmaaaaaaa!"

Shhh, Savannah, hush a minute. Momma's on the phone.

Yes, I have the account number. Can you hold on a sec and let me grab it?

"Mom! Mommy! Mom!"


I need juice!

Just a minute.


Okay, I have the account number right here. It is... 123... 45...6789. Yes, the name on the account is Brooklyn Beckner.

"Momma! Thats my sister. My sister's name is Brookie. I WANT JUICE!!! PLEASE! I SOOOOOO THIRSTTYYYYYY!"

Yes, I understand about the deductible but I need to know which therapy sessions apply to the deductible and which ones do not. (I walk to the bathroom and shut the door... for some quiet.)

"Momma! Who is that? Mom! Who are you talking to? Mommy! Brookie is crying. Oh, Mom... I need to poop."

Okay, so the regular visits are 100% covered, but any therapy sessions will not be until the deductible is met, is that correct? (Open the bathroom door. Of course it is the hot spot, since I'm in there.)

"Mom! I can't get my pants off! Momma! Help! I'm stuck. Oh, help."

Okay. No, I don't think I have any other questions.

"Momma! Who is that? Can I talk?"

Thanks so much for your time. I appreciate it.

"Mom! Mom! I gave Brookie my chocolate milk and she dumped it on the floor and my kitty cat is eating it."

You too, bye.

Ahem. Thats what it sounds like to be me. Trying to have a 2 minute phone conversation.
Just in case you ever wondered.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mid-Week Ramblings

Brooklyn's therapist brought us this great bath chair this week, and for the first time, this girl has been able to take a bath in the tub sitting up! Since she has outgrown the newborn tub but is really unstable sitting, we usually have to cram her into the sink and bathe her there.

She gave the tub a big smile and even tolerated being splashed by big sister. Hooray!
On a sad note, poor Brooklyn is sick again. Sigh. Yesterday, I took her back to the doctor after her eye started to swell. She had a right ear infection, and a sinus infection that was causing her right sinus to swell so much that it was pushing on her eye. Ouch! And, bless her little heart, I almost didn't take her in because she really wasn't fussing much. There is proof that being too good can actually get you into trouble. They gave us some high-powered antibiotics and we are keeping an eye on things, no pun intended.
Two thumbs up for the bath chair, eight thumbs down for bacterial infections.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Date Nineteen: Football Game

For date nineteen, Darren introduced me to Beamer Ball.

Hokie bird, meet Lauren.

It was a gorgeous day for a football game! And we had lots of quality time together for the car ride there, a few hours for the game, and the ride back. Fun stuff!

I learned all kinds of quirky things. Like, when the band plays a certain tune, you are supposed to say "H-O-K-I-E-S, Hokies!" and on the third down, its called a "key play", so everyone gets out their keys and shakes them. And at the end of the third quarter, the fans do the Hokie Pokie. Darren did fail to inform me, however, that a freakishly loud cannon goes off after the national anthem, and I nearly had an accident in fright. He found it hilarious.

And there is lots of good food to be had, too. Like turkey legs. And barbecue chicken nachos. Yum!

The Hokies did not disappoint.

It was a good day to be a Hokie.
And... then we came home, ate pizza (we never tire of eating...), and watched Bama run all over Tennessee. That is always a good ending to a good day!
The only thing that could've made the day better is if Auburn had lost. There is nothing worse for a Bama fan than watching Auburn hold your former #1 spot. Oh well, Thanksgiving weekend is coming, boys! ;)
Football date = A+

Monday, October 25, 2010

8 Months Old.

Eight months old - wow! Time flies!

I've had more fun this month with my sweet girl. She giggles so easily for someone who wouldnt hardly crack a smile in the beginning! Once she gets tickled at something, she just cackles, and its so much fun. You wouldn't believe the goofy things I do to get a laugh out of this kid.

Brooklyn was sick for the first time this past month, and that was no fun. But she was still a very good baby! She didn't sleep as well, but wasn't terribly fussy. They even drew blood at the doctor's office, and she didn't even cry! She doesn't tend to complain unless something is extreme, so I know when she has a fussy day that its really bad!

Brooklyn continues to sleep and eat great. She sleeps about 12 hours straight at night. I've started weaning her this month, and I have her down to nursing about half of the time and on preemie formula the other half. She also continues to chomp her way through a jar of food at a time, and tried the baby puffs this month, much to her liking. No teeth have arrived yet, but once they do, this girl will probably go straight to eating steak.

She's struggled some with catching up to her age-appropriate milestones, and it is appearing that she is falling further behind as time goes on. She still struggles to sit independently, and at times she still loses control of her head. She will be seeing a new therapist today for an evaluation of her muscle tone and coordination, and we are praying for wisdom. Her pediatrician is also trying to get her neurology consult moved up sooner. While it is discouraging (and expensive!) at times, I know that God has a plan for her. But I do have to bite my tongue every time they bring me a highchair at a restaurant and I have to explain that she cannot sit in it, and some well-meaning but tact-lacking stranger says something like, "8 months old and she can't sit in a highchair?!" Sigh. But... I'm really enjoying all of the extra snuggle time. She is such a delightful baby... we can't complain! I couldn't possibly love her more!

Here is Brooklyn is her best sit-up position, leaning on the couch cushion for stability (and hello, i-just-woke-up-face).
Happy 8 months old day, sweet girl!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Storytime with Savannah

Savannah would like to read you her favorite pumpkin/halloween story. Click here and listen closely.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Party Animal. Literally.

Yesterday, Savannah's preschool class had a "Harvest Party."
Thats Christian code for Halloween Party. ;)

They could dress up as a farm animal of their choice. Savannah chose to be a pig. Why a pig, you ask? "Because its pink."

Savannah was pretty psyched when I found this all-out pig costume in her size on ebay for a whopping $3. There were other cute pigs at school too, like Savannah's friend, Sydney.

After the day at preschool, they returned to the classroom and had a party that included all kinds of goodies!

Upon arrival at home, I snuck a piece of candy out of her goody bag, and got reprimanded.
"Its not nice to take peoples candy, Momma. It makes Jesus sad." Hehe.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday, as I was feeding my cubby-cheeked cherub, I grew frustrated as she insisted on grabbing the spoon with her stubby fingers each time it left her mouth. I couldn't hardly blame her... turkey-cranberry-apple casserole sounded pretty delish to me, too. As I grabbed a paper towel, or five, I fussed, "Brookie! I can't give you what comes next if you don't let go of the spoon, silly girl!" As I pried the utensil out of her death-grip, she voiced her protest. I smiled and told her, "Listen, kiddo, what comes next is better than this empty old spoon!"

Suddenly, I was struck by the lesson to be learned. How often, in life, do I cling to a "spoon" containing merely minute remnants of something I loved, when, if I'd just loosen my grip, the "good stuff" is coming? How many times have I been so convinced that I know exactly what I need... when its just scraps... and a whole jar of wonderful goodness awaits? But, letting go of that old spoon takes some trust in Whomever holds it. And that Person obviously knows better. Thanks for the lesson, sweet child of mine!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Date Eighteen: Sunday School Couples Night

For date eighteen, we went to play Putt-Putt with our Sunday School class. It was a lot of fun, even if it was chilly. It was probably the coldest evening so far this season, and I definitely griped about how I couldn't feel my fingers, toes, or nose. Seriously.

I am sad to report that Team Beckner did not completely and totally dominate the competition, but we were the only team with Orange Balls. What does that mean, you ask? It means we both got a hole in one! Yes, I was just as surprised as you are.
Darren is planning the next date on Saturday, and it promises to be a good one! Stay tuned.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What's A Girl Gotta Do... get...

...a drink...



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Date Seventeen: Stay-in Night, Edition Two

Sigh. Brooklyn had a virus, for like TEN days. That feels like 20 days when you have sick kid, let me tell ya. So, since she was ill, date seventeen was also a stay-in night.

Savannah helped me make calzones while Darren was at work...

I filled them with our favorite toppings. Pepperoni and pineapple for me, and sausage, pepperoni, bacon, peppers, and onions for Darren. I forgot to take a picture after they were baked. Oops. Darren pretty much inhaled his though. I used Emeril's dough recipe and I felt like a real chef. Fancy.

Then, we watched a movie. You can only be creative with stay-at-home dates so long. Luckily, Brooklyn is ALL better and we got to go OUT last night, so I will post about that soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Date Sixteen: Stay-in Night

For date sixteen, we had a sick child. I was so bummed that we had to stay home that I did what a southern girl does best... made an ungodly amount of food to make up for it. Don't judge that the ribs don't photograph well... the meat was falling off of the bone, so it was hard to get a pretty picture. Our taste buds didn't mind.

So, we ate dinner and then caught up on some tivo (Greys!) and then discussed the book we've been reading, "Love and War." It was a low-key, stay-in night!
Tonight, we are going out to a putt-putt tournament with our Sunday school class. I'm pretty sure we will whip them all... with my amazing mini golf skills and all... but stay tuned for details.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Pumpkin, the Mouse Killer

This is Pumpkin.
We southern three year olds pronounce it, "Pun-kin."

"My Momma said I could get Pumpkin cause she sawed a mouse and she got really scared so we got a kitty. Me and the kitty is best friends. She is gonna live with me forever."

True story.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Weekend in Pictures

This weekend, we spent some extra time with Daddy because he has had to work a lot this week. We went out to Laymans farm again to show Daddy the fun.

Daddy really liked the pumpkin blaster.

Savannah was partial to the corn cannon.

Momma tried to get a good picture of both kids in the pumpkin patch, but it didn't quite work out like she imagined.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday with Japanese food.

A fun weekend was had by all! Happy Birthday, Darren!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not go out late last night to get milk...and drive to Kroger. I didn't park the car, go in, get milk, pay at the self-checkout, and leave... all while talking to my mom on the phone... and arrive home, put away the milk, and sit down on the couch... and look down... and find my shirt halfway unbuttoned from feeding Brooklyn. Nope, I did not go to the store with the top three buttons of my shirt wide open, and remain oblivious to the fact. Not me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Date Fifteen: Hollywood

I'm behind on the date blogging, excuse me. But I just find pictures of the kids more interesting than pictures of us OLD people. ;) Speaking of old... guess who turns 25 this weekend? ;)

For date fifteen, we went to Hollywood Bakery and Restaurant. YUM! This is by far one of my favorite places ever to eat. They bake all of their own bread and desserts and its delicious. You can get really nice stuff... like steak or chicken oscar, or go low-key with a burger or a sandwich. And obviously, they have really good cheese fries.

After dinner, we got dessert in to-go boxes and returned home to watch "Date Night." How appropriate, right? The movie was hilarious, and the desserts were scrumptious.

Brooklyn has been under the weather this week with an upper respiratory virus that has made her quite miserable, which is one of the reasons I'm a little behind with date night blogging. But, she seems to be feeling a bit better today (hoooray!), so I will catch up on life. Or so I hope. ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bathtime Rhyme.

Scrub a dub dub
I'm too little for the tub...

...but I'm not a newborn anymore...
...I've got fat rolls galore!

So, whats a girl to think?
I'll take a bath in the kitchen sink!
But don't blink...
I'll grow faster than you think.