Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hey, remember when I used to blog a lot?
 And I had free time?  You know, in those days of "just" one child?


Clearly, those days are over.
Life has gotten crazy.


I remember when she was a tiny thing that didn't sleep.  Ever.
 And when she went through the stage where she kept taking off her diaper at night.
And when it took flippin forever to potty train.
And I thought that was crazy.


And then she was joined by a partner in crime.
Who was mischievous and goofy.  And an instigator.
And I was plunged into the world of parenting more than one.
And I thought that was crazy.


Enter, the world of sibling rivalry.
And the realization that "sleep when the baby sleeps" only works when you don't have a toddler also.


And I thought that was crazy.

And now...

 Now there are three.

Three beautiful, giggly girls.

Which makes us a family of five.

And that is crazy.

At this point, there is pretty much always somebody crying.
And I'm not even kidding.

And at times, just getting everyone someplace on time seems daunting.
I think I need a cape.  With pink sparkles.

Sometimes I don't get to eat dinner.
And I go hours without being able to use the bathroom.
And I haven't washed my hair in 3 days.
Hence the lack of blogging.


But I have to share a secret.
I love it.


It is crazy.
Making the school bus intact is a miracle.
So is getting a shower and wearing real clothes on the same day.
All eating at the table at the same time is out of the question.
It is crazy.
And I love it.


Triple the chaos means triple the love.
And the hugs.  And snuggles.

And I love figuring out how to do life with this man.
And laughing through the chaos.

I love that we got in the car at the hospital, looked at each other, and admitted that we had no idea what we were doing.  And that we might be in over our heads.
And then we shared a fist-bump and said "Lets do this!"

 And that when we survived the first morning of the school routine without forgetting anything we high-fived and called ourselves rockstars and celebrated over coffee.  
For five seconds.
And then the baby was crying.

I love that three kids means triple the laughter.

And that each day is both challenging and fun.
I love it.

Even if it is crazy.