Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feeling Sentimental

This time last year, sweet Savannah was about to make an appearance... well actually I was just now getting my first epidural (yes, first, as in, I was in labor so long I needed three!) and would complete 22.5 hours of labor before she arrived. While I don't miss the pain and exhaustion that I felt a year ago, I have been quite sappy and sentimental today as I have realized the year has simply flown by... and I want the next few to go by much more slowly!!!!

Here are some pictures of this time last year...

I remember the pain and exhaustion quite clearly, but also the joy upon seeing her sweet face for the first time! It was a moment that I will never find words to describe.

I can't believe she will turn one tomorrow and it is so bittersweet. I hope all of the years don't fly by this fast!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oak Island Part 2

We spent the morning playing on the beach!

All of that playing was exhausting!

This evening we went to the pier and took some pictures and had a lot of fun!

Crazy girl!

While we were at the pier, Savannah did something that surprised and delighted me! She decided to take two little steps toward her Momma!

Aunt Lizzy entertained her some...

And we enjoyed people watching and wave watching...

And Nana is always up for baby hugs!

What a funny kid!

I love my girl!

Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oak Island Part 1

We have been so fortunate to travel a lot this summer, and this week we are in Oak Island North Carolina. We are so thankful that our families take us along on vacations and that I can work over the internet from anywhere! :)
After a long car ride, we arrived and Savannah settled in with a KitKat bar. :)

This morning, we headed to the beach bright and early. Savannah was just like a little sea turtle! She just got right in the sand on her hands and knees and made a beeline for the water. It didn't matter how big the waves were, she was going to get in that water.

Every time we would pull her back to the shore, she would make another swift crawl to the ocean. What an exhausting pattern! Her little knees would get red and sore, so she would switch to crawling on her hands and feet. Haha. :) Silly kid!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Haircut and Portraits

Savannah has officially had a haircut! The front of her had gotten really long and kept falling in her eyes, but the back was still short, although uneven. We thought it would be best to get it all trimmed up evenly so that it could thicken up some as it grows out and so the front would stay out of her sweet little eyes. :) She behaved really well and was actually quite amused by the whole event, especially since they let her hold a mirror and look at herself the whole time!

They gave us a lock of her hair and a certificate that says, "This certifies that Savannah has bravely fullfilled the requirements of a first haircut and is hereby recognized as a graduate from the ranks of the uncut."

After her haircut, we headed over to Sears where we had her 12 month portraits done. Is she really almost 12 months old?! Here are the good ones. :)

And just for your amusement, here is one of the not-so-good ones. I think Savannah decided she wanted to go to China and do gymnastics! :)
Silly kid. We've had a fun and busy day! Hope your weekend gets off to a good start too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tiny Miss Virginia Pictures

The professional pictures that I promised have arrived! I scanned them to the computer so that you could enjoy them too! These are all courtesy of Warren Minton Photography.