Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do you see my baby? Was she really that tiny a year ago?!

Well, we're about to be roadtrippin' again. This time, we're headed off to a very fun weekend in Charlottesville for Savannah to give up her title as Wee Baby Miss Virginia.

I can't believe its been a year! You can click here to see what I wrote when she won. Or here to see a picture of her with the adult Miss Virginia. Or here to see her when she came home from the awards ceremony last year. Please ignore the fact that I had black hair. I'm trying to ignore that myself. And you can also click here for the professional pictures. Thats a lot of clicking. I just like for my people to have options.

Anyway, tomorrow evening, we're off! On Friday, Savannah will model schoolwear and swimsuit. Then Friday evening, she will be picked up in a limo for dinner and putt-putt with the reigning sister queens. On Saturday morning, she'll give her "speech" and crown the new queen. Then Saturday afternoon, she'll model hobby wear (a camo hunting outfit, daddy's choice) and do her runway modeling as well. Saturday night, they have a pizza party for all of the girls. And on Sunday, she'll do a western dance with the other queens for the opening of the awards ceremony (yes, I bought her cowgirl boots for this, thank you ebay for $6 boots!) and then change into her gown for her farewell walk with her parents. What a weekend, huh? I'm so proud of this little girl!

And yes, you can expect pictures when we return. As if you had any doubts.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quirky Kid

I can't explain any of it. She's a quirky kid.

But I love her anyway!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Retraction Statement.

Bootcamp is over.
The child and the potty are not BFFs.
This kid will not wear underwear until she is an adult. She'd rather take a dump in a diaper and dig it out with her hands than go in the potty. I don't know why.
I am tired.
I am done.
Bootcamp is over.
This kid is not potty trained.
I retract my statement about everything can be done with patience and perseverence.
Not happenin'.
Bootcamp is over.
Perhaps we will conquer another time. Until then, I change diapers like its my job.
Oh wait, it is!

Shake it.

It gets its energy and attention deficit from its mother.

The attitude? Definitely from its father.


Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reception 2

Reception 1

Okay, Katie! Here are more pictures. Sorry for my 48-hour absence. :)

Candy buffet...

The Mr. and Mrs.

Bridal party.

Cake #2 of the weekend...
Groom's cake...

Do you know why she's looking at him like that? Cause he totally misunderstood the "you just take a sip" part of the instructions and chugged the whole glass over her shoulder in 2 seconds. And she gave him that look and he said "what? I was thirsty." Hahaha.

We didn't have any sugar just so we could have this moment. By we, I mean her. I definitely had sugar all weekend.

Heels for 8 overrated.

Pictures of reception #2 to follow...

Monday, July 20, 2009

A wedding can wear a girl out.

Yes, this is Savannah. On the floor in the back of the church. The end. For today.