Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again.

 I got a little behind on blogging.  There's been some happenings in this house.
Or outside of this house.  On the ground.  Like 7 inches of snow.

The girls enjoyed it, even though it had been 70 degrees two days before that.

We had bigger news going on that they didn't know about.
And we didn't know about until... Mommy started puking.  Daily.

Savannah claims that she is having a baby brother, that his name will be Hokie, and that she will now clean the house for me every day and I can just rest because having a baby in your belly is probably worse than having to poop.  She periodically walks up to me, pats me on the back, and says, I'm so sorry you are sick.  Hopefully she'll stay that sweet all her life.

 Brooklyn continues to be our little trooper.  She's had a PICC line in for three weeks now and has done very well with it.  The first dressing change was awful, but we've come a long way now and today all she said was, "hey! ow!"  She leaves it alone and fortunately it has functioned wonderfully with no clots.

 Some people have wondered what exactly a PICC line is.  So here you go.  It is a catheter that goes into your upper arm and goes through into your chest.  Brooklyn's antibiotics "juice" just take 30 minutes per day and the rest of the day she tucks it into a newborn legwarmer, which she calls her "sleeve".  And that's that.

She'll have surgery next month to remove the remainder of her infections.

And that is what's been going on in our house!