Monday, October 29, 2012

Ridiculously Rad Runners

 As my sweet Southern friend Jessica would say, 
"I had a wild hair."
I've read before about the Color Me Rad 5K and I've always wanted to run it.
And then it came to a nearby town.
And somehow I was lucky enough to have two of my best buddies agree to do it with me.
And so was born the dream team... the Ridiculously Rad Runners.

And let me just tell you... 
It was the most fun 5K ever.
And if it comes to your town, you should run it.
And did I mention the profit went to the Special Olympics?!


 The race is 3.2 miles, and along the way you get color bombed.  
Colored liquid is sprayed on you and then you are coated in colored powder.
You start out in a white t-shirt, and finish looking like Crayola exploded on you.
And its pretty awesome.

This is what you run through...

 And this is what you look like when its over.
Ridiculously Rad.

I look crazy in this picture.
Because I found out it was my best time ever.
And because I was a little high on fun.

This girl obviously didn't realize we were having our picture taken.
Which is sad because it might've been my favorite picture.
If it wasn't photobombed from the front.

I had a ridiculously rad time.
And to end with another quote from my friend Jessica,
"Now on to training for our next event: Black Friday!"

Friday, October 26, 2012


I used to dream that I would change the world.  
I wanted to be a lawyer.
The plan was to go to undergrad, then move to back to Alabama and get my law degree.
And then along came Savannah.

At first I was a little lost.
I remember thinking... this is it.  All I do is change diapers and do laundry and rock a baby.
Its funny now.
The highlights of my days aren't winning a case.
Somewhere along the way my dreams changed.
Now I get excited about soccer banquets, warm sunny afternoons in the yard, and baking cookies.

At the end of the day, you don't really remember the cases you've won.
You remember the times you laughed so hard your sides hurt.
You remember painting pumpkins and watching your children play together through an open window.
You remember wanting to put them up for adoption some days.
You remember being exhausted.
But you remember being happy.

Five years later,
instead of changing the world, I'm changing diapers.
Because I've changed.
Funny thing about it?
I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life is funny.

 Life is funny sometimes.
Motherhood is funny.

There are stages that each child goes through, and I think we are given something to love and hate about each stage.  You know, so we can enjoy it but still be ready to move on when it is over.  

Newborns are so sweet, cuddly, beautiful, and perfect.  They don't smack their siblings or sass their parents.  They are incredibly needy, but sometimes that is endearing.  But they get up throughout the night, you can't distract them from their crying, and you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink in the diaper bag to leave the house.  Not to mention you may have to change 3 times to avoid spit up stains.

Toddlers are funny.  The little personality begins to emerge and you watch in rapture as they hit their milestones.  You clap and cheer when they say a new word or do a funny trick.  They are still cuddly and needy, but not nearly as much.  They can feed themselves, talk, they sleep (more), and there are no more bottles to wash.  But there are days that you get them into bed and fall onto the couch in an exhausted stupor only to squint and discover crayon on the wall or poptart crumbs in your bed.  There will be times they will paint the floor with a bottle of your lotion or leave a mural with a tube of lipstick.  And you will swear to kill the person who thought up that singing purple dinosaur we all love to hate. 

Then they start preschool.  They grow more independent and you realize you no longer have a baby.  There are no more diapers to change!!!  You sniffle on the first day of school as you watch the little backpack round the corner, but there are other days that school can't start soon enough.  They are adorable and funny, but challenging.  They will say things that embarrass you to death.  They have minds and wills of their own.  You better make sure you have their favorite cup clean at all times, and they really like to wear polkadots, stripes, neons, checkered print, and glittery tie-dye rainbows in the same outfit.  You'll get calls from the teacher, they'll have to apologize to other children, and you'll have to listen to Taylor Swift sing the same song 47 times in a row until you hide the CD out of desperation to keep your sanity.

And then they'll start Kindergarten.  They'll be gone all day and you'll wonder why 8-2 seems like forever and how they got so grown up.  They'll come home with homework and shock you at how quickly they learn.  They'll catch a bus, buy a lunch, and remember special events.  You'll smile when you hear stories of the day and grimace when you hear about the boy on the bus that likes her.  You'll love sleeping through the night but hate how you have to repeat things 87 times to get them done.  You'll enjoy having full-sentence conversations and fun parent-child dates, but you'll want to pull your hair out when they argue with everything.  You'll wonder why you thought life would get simpler when they went to school now that you have PTA meetings, ball games, homework, library books, and snack schedules to keep up with.

You'll find yourself sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field, freezing as the sun sets.  You'll be thinking about all that you have left to do, and you'll realize that you can't wait until the season is over so that you don't have to spend the evenings shuttling your child back and forth to the field, washing a uniform, and bundling up a toddler.  You'll be glad you don't have to juggle cheering for one child and keeping the other off of the field.  But then your child will run past, turn around, find you in the crowd, and give you a thumbs up.  And you'll realize that in what sometimes feels like forever.. but really is no time at all... that she won't be looking for your approval at all.  That she will be independent, grown-up, and gone.  And you'll be glad that you spend your evenings exhausted with an empty wallet, cheering on a team of six little kids that aren't even sure which end of the field they are supposed to be running towards... and keep asking if they are done yet so they can go eat dinner.  Because that, my friends, is where life happens.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today the sun is shining on me.

Sitting with my feet in the breeze, ain't sweating the little things.

Who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring. 
But today the sun is shining on me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 Have you ever wondered what you'll leave behind?
When you are gone... what will be left of you?

Today I experienced the legacy of a man that I wish I had the chance to know.

Ryan Shelor is celebrating his 28th birthday in Heaven with our Savior.
And I can't wait to meet him and tell him about how I spent his 28th birthday.

I got a call the other day that the Ryan Shelor Fund had approved our application to provide Brooklyn with an Ipad to help with her therapy, education, and communication. 
And they wanted to meet us on October 2 to give it to her.
Because that was Ryan's birthday. 

I am so incredibly honored that Brooklyn was chosen to receive this gift.
And that Ryan had such a vision to want to leave a legacy.
His vision was that children with special needs not go without things that would improve their lives.

He touched our lives today.  I've spent most of the afternoon crying over the preciousness of this gift.  And not even necessarily the physical gift, though it is incredibly nice.  But I've been so humbled by the gift of Ryan's heart that was passed on to us today.

Ryan was born as a preemie, just like Brookie.
He lived a life where his body and his brain didn't work very well together.
But he did not let the limitations of his physical body impair his life or quench his spirit.
At the age of 21, he went to be with the Lord.  But not before he gave the first award from the Ryan Shelor Fund.  Most kids his age would've been far more interested in trivial things at age 21. 
I'm so thankful for Ryan's vision and generosity.
Happy Birthday, Ryan Shelor!
I can't wait to meet you on the other side of eternity.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dancing Queen

You are the dancing queen...

Young and sweet...

 You can dance, you can jive...

 Having the time of your life...

See that girl, watch that scene...

...dancing queen.