Monday, September 29, 2008

One Fun Day

Well, it looks like Savannah's arm is recovering well! Yesterday she decided to ditch the sling and start to move it some. She doesn't like to crawl on it, and leaves it hanging at her side most of the time, but she is moving it to pick things up, so its definitely improving. We talked to an orthopedist today who scheduled an appointment for Thursday but said we could cancel it if she was back to normal by then. He reviewed her x-rays and said everything looked like it was back in place and she was probably stiff and sore and it would get better with time, but we have to be extra careful because once it pops out, its much more likely to do so again in the future. So in her daddy's words, the summary is, "So it shouldn't really mess up her basketball career then!" Haha.

Anyway, yesterday we decided to have a fun day and we went to the Blue Ridge PBS KidsFest at the civic center. We had to wait in line a while because there were a TON of kids there...but Savannah made the most of the time by walking with Grandad and playing with the balloons tied everywhere.

Then, when we got to the front of the line, she got to sit on Elmo's lap for a picture! This was definitely the highlight... I wish you could have seen her face when she spotted him from her spot in line. :)

Daddy carried her out in style... but she wanted to check and make sure it was him under that hat.

Afterward, we enjoyed ice cream at Brusters! Savannah loves Brusters because they give her a baby cone, and that was definitely worth moving the arm for! :) It was cold though, as evidenced by the funny faces.

She sure enjoyed it though. In fact, she tried to shove the whole cone in her mouth.

We had a fun day with our girl!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Memory Walk 2008

Today we participated in the Memory Walk 2008 to benefit Altzheimers Association! Savannah raised $175 for the cause as part of her community service for Wee Baby Miss Virginia. While we didn't feel a whole lot like walking after our week, we did it, and were glad we could contribute to the community! Savannah walked a little and then rode in the stroller that her daddy pushed. She was the littlest walker! :) She was very tired when it was all over, but we sure are proud of her!

Friday, September 26, 2008

When It Rains It Pours...

Do you ever feel like just when you're about the recover from the last thing... wham! Something else sneaks up and gets ya?! Well, Savannah was starting to recover from her upper respiratory infection, and then something new cropped up. We went out today while some people were viewing our house, and Savannah insisted that she wanted to walk (surprise?!). Well, being the good mom I thought I was, I held onto her hand so she wouldn't fall on the pavement and skin up her knees, hands, etc. Well, Savannah did wipe out, and I caught her by holding tightly to her hand. Apparently, thats what you should never do! Savannah screamed and cried, and continued throughout the afternoon. I of course thought that she just didn't feel good still because she has been pretty grouchy lately anyway. After several hours of crying off and on, I finally put her in the bathtub to get her quiet because she always loves to take a bath! After I put her in the tub, she just kind of sat there without playing. I picked up a few toys and tried to get her to play and she took them with her right hand. I noticed her left hand was laying across her stomach and tried to hand her a toy in that hand. She wouldn't take it. And then I realized... she couldn't move her arm! I yelled for Darren to come up the stairs and told him about how she wouldn't move her arm, and he tried to get her to move it too, and she refused. When he took it and moved it himself, she screamed. I called her pediatrician and he recommended that we take her straight to the ER. So, we did. As it turns out, her elbow was dislocated, apparently a common condition in babies learning to walk, and its actually called "nursemaid's elbow." It happens quite often when a parent is holding a child's hand and they fall , and the parent doesn't turn their hand loose. It is a result of their joints being loose as it is. They reduced the dislocation (very painful to watch!) and then said she should move her arm immediately, but she didn't. In fact, they kept us in the ER for quite some time and she still refused to move her arm. So, they did an x-ray, which turned out fine, so they put her in a sling and are sending her to an orthopedic specialist on Monday. They aren't sure why she still refuses to use her arm. From my research on the internet, it looks like 90% of children move their arm within 30 minutes after having it fixed, and if they don't, it usually means they tore a ligament in the elbow, or that the dislocation isn't fully back in the socket. So, you can definitely pray for us as this will be a very exhausting weekend and we hope to get everything fixed on Monday! The poor little girl has been through a lot this week, and her parents are pretty tired too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Angel Baby

I was never alive until the day I was blessed with you.
When I hold you late at night, I know what I was put here to do.
I turn off the world and listen to you sigh.
And I will sing my Angel's lullaby.

I am forever near, the one you can always call.
Right now all you know to fear are the shadows on your wall.
I'm here, close enough to kiss the tears you cry.
And I will sing my Angel's lullaby.

So tell me how to stop the years from racing.
Is there a secret someone knows?
I'll never catch all the memories I'm chasing.
I'll never be ready to let go.

So when the world seems cold,
You feel that all of your strength is gone,
There may be one tiny voice that is your reason to carry on.
And when I'm not close enough to kiss the tears you cry,
You will sing your Angel's lullaby.
Let this be our Angel's lullaby.

Our poor little angel is really sick with a severe upper respiratory infection!
Please pray that she gets well soon!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall, Ya'll! :)

I just love fall! Look at my cute mums on our porch! :)

What has Savannah been up to? Getting into everything. Here she is in a box, with a fork. Funny what entertains her!

Is this where the fork goes, Mom?!

I put curlers in her hair just to see what they would do (they did nothing) and she wanted to wake up her daddy to show him.

Eh, he sleeps too hard!

You snooze, you lose, Dad!

She is too cute!

Savannah is too smart for my good. She has figured out how to operate the M&M dispenser without any help. I think we're going to have to hide it for a few years.

One hand, two hands...

Got it!


Hope your fall is just as much fun! :) Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

These feet were made for walking...

Savannah has been able to walk for a little while now, but able and willing are two different things altogether, which we are quickly learning. She pushes this walker thing all over the house and has gotten really good at it. She will run it into the doors, walls, Mommy... and then turns it around and starts over, off in another direction! But, if you take the walker, she stops, freezes, and slowly sinks down to the floor, and crawls. She also walks all around tables and other pieces of furniture, and walks anywhere holding onto one hand of an adult, but as soon as you let go, she sits down. About a month ago, she started taking steps on her own, but it hasn't really ever progressed more than two steps. I'm starting to think she is going to be the oldest kid ever to start walking! :) Oh well, I guess it'll happen eventually. After all, I've never a five year old that preferred to crawl everywhere! :)

The Many Faces of Savannah...

Have you ever tried to take a picture of an almost 13-month-old smiling and looking at the camera? Well, I tried. And this is what I got.

Oh well! :) Hope that made YOU smile!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Extra! Extra!

Whats this paper for anyways, Momma?!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Fridays are so much fun because Daddy is off from work and ready to play! This is how I found these two this afternoon.

She liked it. What a little country girl.

He is teaching her early.

Two handed wave to everyone!

Have a great weekend!