Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Abundance of... Pink Joy

My camera battery died.  And I cannot find the charger.  Anywhere.

I think my brain cells have also disappeared.  And most of my hours of sleep.  And my former body.   
Ahem, I digress. 

Anyway, my camera has been dead for weeks.  And I've worried, cried, and stressed over this.  And then I did it.  I broke down, forked out $20, and ordered a new charger from Amazon.  So now I can resume my picture-filled happy blogging life.  Prepare yourself. 

In spite of my absence, hopefully by now you've heard the news.

Baby-B-Number-Three is a girl. 

I was convinced that this child would be a boy.  And maybe I was a tad bit excited about buying camo and cargo pants and sitting on the sidelines of a football field in a few years.  I wasn't mentally prepared for a third girl, though I should have been.  But, there is more pink fun to be had.

What I really, really wasn't prepared for was negativity.  

Another girl?  Girls are drama.  Girls are expensive.  That is another wedding to pay for.  Your poor husband will have to get a boy dog.  I was hoping this was a boy.  I can't believe you are going to have more pink.  On and on it went. 

In my hormone-induced state of mind, I considered punching a few people in the face.  I vented to a few friends.  I rolled my eyes mentally quite a few times, all while managing to smile and nod gracefully, somehow.  I may have mumbled a few, "Bless your heart"s.  

You know what I think?  I think girls are fun.  And I think there aren't nearly enough powerful, educated, brave women out there.  And I plan to raise three of those.  There aren't enough godly future wives and mothers.  I get to be involved in the lives of at least three!  Yes, we are having ANOTHER girl.  And I am just delighted.  There is nothing wrong with boys, dirt, dump trucks, football, and camo.  But that just wasn't in the plan.  And there is certainly nothing wrong with an abundance of pink. 

And while I chuckled watching Downton Abbey when Cora lamented, "No one warns you about raising daughters.  You think it is going to be like Little Women.  Instead, they are at each others' throats from dawn til dusk."  I know that daughters are a blessing.  And I'm thrilled to be chosen to gain another one.  So please save your sympathy... we can rock out the glitter in this house.  And join us in our excitement that a healthy and tiny little GIRL is coming this summer!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sis Best Mine Friend

Brooklyn has a new phrase.
"You best mine friend."

I love it. 
She says it when she is hugging one of us.

And even though these two fight like I don't even know what,
she still insists, "Sis best mine friend."
Love these two girlies!