Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Christmas Gift to You

 I realized yesterday that I had not yet made Christmas cards.
The year is getting away from me, y'all. 
So this morning, I dressed the kids up in Christmasy whimsy, and deposited them in front of the less tacky of the trees for a Christmas card photo sesh. 

To go with my mantra for 2013...
It did not go quite as planned.

An active preschooler who doesn't like to be photographed,
a sick six year old who is self-conscious of her newly lost teeth,
and a newish baby who is quite wobbly... what a combo.

And so, my friends, I present my Christmas gift to you.
The Christmas Card Blooper Reel.
I just could not keep these to myself.
You're welcome.

[The following pic is my personal fav, because B has a bad habit
of looking anywhere but the camera, so she was threatened
by both parents to look at the camera right now...and thus
made us pay for it by giving us what I call the crazy eyes.]

Merry Christmas to you.
From us crazies.