Saturday, August 24, 2013

Harper Mackenzie

 It was an unseasonably cool August night. 

Or rather... the wee hours of the morning.  4 am.

After nine long months of nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, unbearable heat, swelling, discomfort, one kidney infection, and one stomach bug... it was time.

They headed to the hospital in the darkness... 
the streets were deserted as the rest of the town slept.
But the baby was coming.

4 cm...

After 3 hours in triage, and approximately 58 laps around the L&D floor...
...a doctor (with an attitude) showed up... and admission orders were written.

5 cm...

An IV was placed, ice chips were eaten, contractions were endured.
There may have been more sickness, and more Zofran.
And then an epidural (praise the Lord!).

7 cm...

Then there was low blood pressure... and epinepherine.
And low blood sugar... and popsicles.
And pitocin.  And 4 bags of fluids.
And then it was time.

10 cm...

At 8:03 pm, as the sun was setting, on August 15, 2013, after 45 minutes of pushing...
Harper Mackenzie Beckner was born.
And she was perfect.

Sighs of relief were breathed as the words "well-born nursery" were uttered.
She cried and cried... and so did her Mommy... because her lungs were mature.

She was 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and 20-and-a-half inches long.

And she looked just like her Daddy, who was so proud.

She nursed like a champ and cuddled with everyone.

She got a bath and prepared to meet her sisters.

The next morning, two excited giggly girls bounded down the hospital hallway.

They were overjoyed.

And just like that, we were then a family of 5.

Two days later, it was time to go home.
Vaccinations were given, hearing tests were passed, footprints were made...
DNA was collected, examinations were done.

And a little life was on its way home.

We are so thankful for our littlest blessing.

...with a full head of hair...

And the determination to keep up with her sisters.

Even though she makes us tired and has her days and nights mixed up.

The hardest part of having a new baby is putting her down!

Psalm 126:3
"The Lord has done great things for us
and we are filled with joy!"

We are so humbled... so blessed.... so thankful
for little Harper Mackenzie!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Makeover Party!

 I have an almost six-year-old.
Pinch me!
 Since Miss Harper is due to crash the party pretty much any time, we decided to party early.
She picked a few girlfriends and we headed to a salon for makeovers.

 Thank you, Aunt Em, for the fabulous makeovers!

Then I had a car full of six-year-old beauties and we headed across town to dinner.

 Savannah's choice?  Japanese.

It was enjoyed by some...

 And maybe not quite as much by others.

But the cake was enjoyed by all.

 While I decided I'm glad I didn't have quadruplets, I sure had fun with these six-year-olds.

And I'm looking forward to partying all month long with my six-year-old.
Happy Birthday, Savannah!